For you, VBS EOOD will engage in the sourcing, recruitment and placement of new employees. You can choose between our two offers – recruitment or staff-leasing. Offering these two options, VBS gives you the opportunity to organise your business in the most flexible way. Contact us in an direct conversation or via E-mail of the job vacancies you wish. Based on your requirements, we will offer you the right candidates for these positions. This service is completely free of charge for you. Simply try!

If you want we carry out a preliminary screening of the applicants according to your requirements and provide you only the contacts of the best candidates for the open positions. We will select for you only those candidates who demonstrated a true interest in the offered position and they are willing to work in your company. At your request, you can directly contact the candidates and invite them to a job interview.

Through our additional service for staff leasing, you can increase the number of your personnel to the desired one in short term. Thus, you save yourself the time-consuming search for staff and pay only for the actual number of hours worked. You never pay for sick leaves, leaves of absence, or doctor’s visits. We commit ourselves to managing the staff instead of you.

The benefits for you:

  • Greater staff flexibility
  • Options for staff leasing or entry into a service contract
  • 100% lawfulness
  • Expanding the capacity – in a flexible way and at any time
  • One contact person for all matters